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New York Festivals Inaugural Bowery Awards Announces 2020 Award Winners

New York Festivals Inaugural Bowery Awards Announces 2020 Award Winners; Intrepid Fox South Africa Earns Carol H. Williams Together For Better Award

2020 Executive Jury Honors 4 Independents with Grand Awards: Vic Lee, Soda Producciones, Pepi Ginsberg, and Creatives for Kitchens

New York, NY - December 1, 2020: New York Festivals(r) Bowery Awards<>, celebrating independent creatives, announced the 2020 competition winners<>.

The Bowery Awards Executive Jury<>, led by Jury President David Sable, Senior Advisor to WPP, selected this year's award winners from entries achieving finalist status determined by the Grand Jury<>.  The Executive Jury awarded 4 Grand, 16 Gold, 5 Silver, and 22 Bronze.

"All of us at the Bowery Awards are thrilled to honor these creative freelancers and provide a curated showcase to shine the spotlight on their exceptional work. The innovation, creativity, and caliber of the entries exceeded our expectations and impressed the Grand and Executive Juries," said Scott Rose, Executive Director of The Bowery Awards.

Intrepid Fox South Africa's "Let's Go Together" for client SportsHosts earned the inaugural Carol H. Williams Together For Better Award. The winning entry illustrates that families have been split down ideological and political lines and that there is a way to a common ground.  Advertising Hall of Fame Recipient and Executive Jury member Carol H. Williams determined the winning entry from work submitted into the 'Together For Better' category that showcases work promoting unity and diversity.

Ms. Williams had this to say about the winning entry, "It's a really excellent message to express the division in America today. Even in division one can find the love."

The 2020 Bowery Awards Executive Jury awarded the following independents in their respective category groups with Grand Awards for their innovative work entered into the 2020 Bowery Awards:

DESIGN: Vic Lee United Kingdom: "Vic Lee's Corona Diary 2020

Vic Lee's Corona Diary 2020 earned the Grand Award for the illustrated daily journal he created when he initially heard about the COVID-19 virus in January 2020. The illustrator detailed his experiences in a 5-6-month period and published 100-page journal of illustrated stories that sold out of the 2,500 books published in just 7 weeks. Vic's diary gained a reputation as a keepsake, a genuine and original piece of artistic work that captured a moment in our lifetime.

FILM:  Pepi Ginsberg USA: "Bad Candy" IssaRoy Pictures LLC

Grand Award-winning Director Pepi Ginsberg's film "Bad Candy" tells the tale of a seasoned grifter, portrayed by Orange is the New Black actress Constance Schulman, as she maneuvers her way through a series of near hits and misses in life, always staying true to her code.

Two innovative entries were honored with for Grand Awards in the category group, Quarantine Content "Behind the Mask" UN Woman and "Creatives for Kitchens"  tied for the award in this year's category offering showcasing creative work related to the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine or made under lockdown remotely.

QUARANTINE CONTENT: Soda Producciones Venezuela: "Behind the Mask" UN Woman (TIE)

The Grand-winning entry #BehindTheMask shows the terrible reality faced by millions of women in the world facing abuse. More than 243 million women have been victims of sexual and or physical abuse by their romantic partner in the last 12 months in the world.

QUARANTINE CONTENT: Creatives for Kitchens: Creatives for Kitchens USA: "Creatives for Kitchens" (TIE)

Christine Clayton's, Grand award-winning charitable initiative Creatives for Kitchens was formed in May of 2020.  Creatives for Kitchens connects over 400 volunteer creative professionals with restaurants affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. The award-winning project matches creatives to restaurants who have signed up for help. to provide pro-bono creative for light touch updates for items such as menus, copy, signage, and websites.

To view the 2020 Bowery Awards Winners, visit: HERE<>

All Bowery Awards Grand Award winners will receive a customized trophy, expedited vetting process for FIVERR<> PRO and $1000 dollars in AdVenture Media Group<> services.
Bowery Awards winners were selected by the 2020 jury panels and are showcased on the winner's gallery<> located on the Bowery Awards website.

All proceeds from the 2020 Bowery Awards were donated to Feed the Frontlines NYC<>.

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